Incorporated company to focus on software and hardware integration in NFC applications.

Started designing multi-layer PCB boards for clients in the Far East, New Zealand, Australia and Europe.


Added MEMS sensory and real time data analytics features for application intelligence. Added 433Mhz platform onto portfolio for outdoor WSN/IoT applications.

Started development of Android and iOS native apps for integration with WSN and IoT platforms. Extended features of the 2.4Ghz platform to provide Ultra Low Power operations.

Initiated an Mobile Industrial Power division with collaboration with leading battery manufacturers.


Designed and manufactured high dense capacity 2.4Ghz Active RFID platform for high reliability enterprise solutions in Healthcare and Security. Developed Real Time Location Services (RTLS) feature to provide location triangulation feature for moving RF tags.

Applied Ultra Low Power sensory capabilities to devices to make first generation Internet of Things (IoT) systems in the region, coupled with mobile and enterprise grade software applications for robust and flexible enterprise deployments.


Collaboration with IP and technology partners to design and to manufacture Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) WSN and IoT platform with MESH capabilities, for future of mobile and wearables.

Primary partnership with Nordic and North American chiller and ACMV component manufacturers to provide latest state-of-the-art systems to the SE Asia markets.