Automated Guided Vehicle - AGV

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) technology has been widely used in the new generation of Intelligent Factories, Warehousing Logistics, Public Industries, Traditional Industries and other fields.

With the advent of competitive and high efficient industrial turn around, the amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Analytics and Real Time Dynamic Operations has brought forth AGV applications to the main stage of the new industrial revolution.

Intellisense strives to provide its partners with professional and complete intelligent manufacturing solutions for partners, to help more customers achieve automation and intelligent upgrade, and to help the transformation of intelligent manufacturing.

Intelligent Scheduling System

STP scheduling system is an intelligent scheduling system designed specially for intelligent manufacturing industry. It aims to help factories maximize the utilization of equipment and effectively deal with emergencies such as emergency orders and faults.

In addition, the deep integration of STP and robotic dispatching system can not only deal with a series of problems such as multi-machine collision, deadlock, unreasonable task allocation, but also effectively cooperate with other equipment to further improve factory production efficiency.

Multi-machine Path Planning and Scheduling

Multi-machine path planning algorithm can quickly plan the collision-free optimal path for multiple mobile robots, and carry out effective traffic control and cooperation for multiple robots, which can improve the efficiency of the robot while ensuring the safety of the robot.

The algorithm can be applied to different application fields and scenarios, and can be applied to a large number of customers. When the robot is free, it will automatically enter the rest area, waiting for the next task to be assigned.

In addition, when the robot is low in power, it will automatically plan its trajectory to the charging pile for automatic charging.

Our AGV's high performance motion control technology makes the robot more intelligent.

SLAM Technology Based on Multi-Sensors

Fast, accurate and powerful navigation SLAM system, is based on LIDAR and QR code. It can provide real-time mapping and positioning synchronously. This technology can be compatible with various types of radar (2D and 3D radar) and cameras on the market.

The SLAM system not only provides accurate and reliable positioning information, but also provides customers with a wide option of sensor to help customers reduce economic costs.

Real-time state monitoring of robots

Our AGV monitoring system can monitor the status of central control system and each robot accurately, including the operation status, fault information and task implementation, etc. At the same time, it can also provide users with timely information feedback, guide users or staff to locate and solve the problem.

The system provides a good human-computer interface, supports multi-language free switching, and greatly facilitates the use of the robot system.

Motion Planning and Control

Motion control technology can automatically plan flexible trajectories for mobile robots and perform high-performance motion control. In addition to routine task trajectory motion control, the robot can automatically identify and avoid obstacles. Motion control technology has high modularity and wide application range. It can support different robot chassis such as omnidirectional wheel, differential wheel and pendulum wheel.

Embedded Mobile Base Control

An embedded control module is designed to control the mechanical and electric mobile base of the robot. It guarantees the compatibility of the AGV brain with various mechatronic chassis and supports the modularity of low-level hardware and high-level software.

The module enjoys high flexibility and can be easily adapted to different mobile platforms. It enables provision of a standardized brain and different robotic system solutions for different customers quickly without being limited by external conditions.